Re-engineering Ireland's agro-ecological system


The project team recognise that agricultural production systems are multi-faceted with numerous factors influencing sustainability and supply chain.

The U-Protein research programme aims to create new scientific and technological knowledge with long-term potential to re-engineer Ireland’s agro-ecological system and aid the development of a circular and regenerative bioeconomy. It proposes to achieve this through greater diversification of protein resources, delivering sustainability, circularity and quality nutrition.

Studies will examine the role of Crop and Marine resources as alternative sources of protein, with potential to generate novel biomass streams through biotransformation.

ADVANTAGESThe Programme Methodology

Arguably, the most common denominator relevant to human nutrition is protein; therefore, it is selected as the primary food component of the study, to which the other outputs can be compared.

The project assumes that our natural resources can be diversified to develop alternative protein sources and create circularity through use of non- protein ‘residual biomass’. This will create an informed and diverse agri-ecosystem with a lower carbon footprint to accelerate Ireland’s path to becoming a responsible global leader in supply and knowledge of nutritious food solutions.

The programme aims to leverage well-established expertise on the nutritional and technological properties of meat and dairy proteins, and study alternative sources, selected on the basis of sustainability, land use, economics, food use, biodiversity and circularity within the supply chain.

TASK LEADSThe people behind the project

Thia Hennessy

LEAD - TASK 1Thia Hennessy

Deirdre Hennessy

LEAD - TASK 2Deirdre Hennessy

Eoin Murphy

LEAD - TASK 3Eoin Murphy

Olivia McAuliffe

LEAD - TASK 4Olivia McAuliffe

Andre Brodkorb

LEAD - TASK 5Andre Brodkorb

Ruth Hamill

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